Lowen in German means lion, and we want our brand to

embrace that-inspiring strength and courage in the everyday. With a passion to find the best quality, affordable gym clothes we decided to start Lowen Co., where quality meets affordable and trendy. 


My passion for fitness has developed over time. Most of my time growing up was spent riding horses and running outside. Growing up on a ranch also taught me the importance of strength.  At 18 years old I ran my first marathon. After graduating college I was looking for something more. I started lifting heavier and falling in love with the process. When I moved home to Idaho I started to compete in bodybuilding competitions and then powerlifting. Now I'm totally hooked! I love being in the gym and have a passion for helping others achieve their own health and fitness goals by developing confidence in themselves. 


My passion for fitness started from the time I could walk. At just three years old I could do 100 push-ups. Participating in sports helped me to grow as an athlete. My passion was football and wrestling, I even won back-to-back state championships in wrestling. After meeting the love of my life, I decided to compete in bodybuilding with her. This came naturally and I gained my natural pro card in my first show. I continue to pursue this dream and love being in the gym. I enjoy helping all types of people achieve their own fitness goals by giving them the confidence to believe in themselves.